Community Server 2008 - Forums at the root of your website

The project I am currently working on requires forums to be located at the root of the website.  Overall it's a very simple change, but I thought I'd blog about how I accomplished this.

This requires making changes to the siteurls_override.config (located at the root of the Web directory).  If you don't have a siteurls_override.config then add one.

Add the following lines of code:

<Override xpath="/SiteUrls/navigation/link[@name='home']" mode="remove" />
<Override xpath="/SiteUrls/locations/location[@name='forums']" mode="change" name="path" value="/" />
<Override xpath="/SiteUrls/locations/location[@name='forums']" mode="new" name="physicalPath" value="/forums/" />

That is it.  3 lines of code and now Forums should show up at the root of your site.

Note: The lines above should be nested within an <overrides> node.


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Ronni Hardin wrote on Friday, October 10, 2008 10:27 PM

I'm equally intrigued and appalled to learn that my husband is apparently bilingual, as I didn't understand a word of that. Yah big nerd. :o)

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