HowTo: Create a ringtone for your iPhone

I use a program called Audacity to create the ringtone.


You can download Audacity here:


  1. Open the .MP3 in Audacity.
  2. Select the part of the song you want to be your ringtone.
    1. Try to keep the selection 30 seconds or under.
  3. Save it as a "NEW" file.
    1. File -> Export Selection as .mp3
    2. Note: You might need the lame_enc.dll for encoding purposes.  You can get the .dll here.
  4. Open iTunes and import the new file.
  5. Find the song you just imported.
  6. Right click on new file and choose "Convert to AAC"
  7. In iTunes, find the newly created .AAC file.  Right click on file and choose "Show in windows explorer"
  8. Rename the file from .m4a to .m4r
  9. Import the .m4r song into iTunes
  10. The song will now show up under Ringtones.
  11. Drag and drop the ringtone to your iPhone.
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Bravo, senor...your directions were great and I created my first ring tone. Thanks for posting the info!

Excellent. Now I feel buying an iPhone was worthwhile. :-)

Thank you sir!

thanks mate, this worked like a charm :)

i can't convert the file, when i right click it doesnt give me the option to convert to aac?

erik, open iTunes and go to Edit > Preferences. On the General tab you'll see a button named "Import Settings..." Click the button and then change the Import Using to "MP3 Encoder"

That should give you the right conversion options.

great! merci les partage!

Worked perfectly first time trying. Thanks!

whenever I put my iPhone into iTunes, it never shows up with a ringtones tab?

after convering it into acc n exporting it from itunes i m nt able to covert .m4a into .m4r what should i do plzz tell

You can also download great iphone ringtones from and you can upload your own songs here. Realy a good site and fast! If your iphone has a jailbreak you cna download them direkt to your iphone without itunes.

This was awesome. Love it.. Thanks so much!

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