P90X - Phase 1 complete

Well I've finished phase 1 of P90X and I must say it was an awesome 4 weeks.  The workouts were absolutely intense, but the diet was/is the hardest thing for me to stick to.  So far so good though, I've managed to only 'break' the diet a few times.  I'm anxious to get phase 2 started, but  before I do I thought I'd post some body fat results so far.

I get my body fat tested in Plano at a place called Fitness Essentials.  They have what is called a Bod Pod.  The Bod Pod is a body composition tracking system that uses air displacement plethysmography.  It's (supposedly) very accurate and has even been used on The Biggest Loser.  You can read more about the Bod Pod works here.

So here are my stats:

Day 1: Body Fat Percent: 14.4%

Day 30: Body Fat Percent: 12.2%

So overall I'm down 2.2% after phase 1.  I'm very pleased with the progress so far.

Next stop: 10%!!!

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Boy fat??? Whats that? Or do I even want to know?

HAHA, TYPO!!! I fixed it, thanks for the heads up.

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